Grommet Replacement Pack

Grommet Replacement Pack

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LushPot self-watering planters periodically require replacement of some of it's components in order to continue doing its job. Proper care and replacement approx. every 4-5 years of the parts will increase the system's longevity.

Each Grommet Kit comes with 12 replacement grommets.

There are a few simple ways to get the maximum life out of the components:

    • Avoid getting debris in the reservoir

    • Avoid allowing the reservoir to go empty

How To Install A New Grommet
Use thumb and forefinger to remove grommet from sidewall. To replace, simply push small side of one-sided grommet into wall fully. For SeaCrest Series planters, thread the brass fitting out of the insert in the wall of the SeaCrest Series planter. Wrap new sensor fitting with teflon tape and hand thread into insert, being careful not to turn too far.