Will My Plant Be Able to Live In Low Light?

LushPots monitor the most difficult task in keeping houseplants: watering schedule. But some plants require much more than a balanced watering schedule… Light plays a huge part and being selective about where you place your house plants can play a huge factor in whether or not they will remain healthy.

North Rooms

Light is necessary for photosynthesis. Most usable light inside of the average home comes from its windows. Plants that are far away from a window, especially windows on the North side of the home, will most always be living in a low light situation. Make sure when you are selecting a plant for these low light areas that you select a plant which is better at tolerating low sunlight. Something as simple as picking the right plant for the light conditions will set you up for “green thumb” success.

West & East Rooms

Likewise, Eastern rooms that have windows will have pretty good light in the mornings. Of course you’ll want to make a note if there is a large overhangs or large shade trees or any other obstructions that cut down on the available light to the plant. Plants near these East windows will find themselves in what could be considered a medium light situation. Plants further away from the window would still be considered in low light. Lighting in a west room will be nearly identical to that of it’s Eastern counterpart, but the bulk of their light comes in the afternoon.

South Rooms

As you would probably expect plants on the South side most always have the strongest light. In these high exposure South rooms it is reasonable to categorize placement of a plant near the window as high light while plants further back would find themselves in what we consider medium light. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do your best to match the plant light needs/tolerance to the lighting exposure of the room.

Something else to keep in mind is that if your home is like mine dust gathers on everything, including the plants. Many don’t realize it but the dust itself acts as shade to the leaf and reduces the amount of light available to the plant. It is important to dust your plants with a good ostrich feather duster to keep them clean as well as looking good.

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