Streletzia Care

The most widely used variety of Streletzia indoors is plant known as Streletzia nicolai or commonly called “White Bird of Paradise”. This plant makes a spectacular accent plant, but in order to maintain it’s upright growth shape/habit it must have a source of very high light as well as some direct sun. Placing this plant in a west or south facing exposure is the ideal location.

If you are looking for low maintenance, durability and unique form the White Bird should be a top consideration.

Streletzia Light Needs

Direct sunlight for several hours a day is perfect, but they will grow and look fine in bright indirect light. The streletzia is easy to grow, grows quickly and is inexpensive.

Water and Moisture Care for Streletzia

The streletzia does not like to dry out excessively and uses water rapidly because of the size of its leaves.

Pests to Be Aware Of

The only insects I have ever seen on these plants are mealybug and scale, but those occasions are rare. Always good to keep an eye out though.