Caring for the Neanthe Belle Palm

The neanthe bella palm is often referred to as Parlor Palm and makes an excellent houseplant because of its ability to tolerate low light levels. Its only downside is its susceptibility to spider mites. When it comes to spider mites prevention is the best solution to averting any infestations and can be best achieved by keeping an eye on the undersides of the leaves for any small invasion and keeping the plant in good health.

Light Needs for Neanthe Belle Palm

Neanthe bellas like full shade to bright indirect light but must be kept out of full sunlight.

Temperatures for Neanthe Belle Palm

Average household temperatures are fine for the neanthe bella. Keep away from heater vents which will dry the plant out and cause brown leaf tips and avoid overly drying out of the plant.

Water Needs for Neanthe belle Palm

Likes to stay medium but can take a little drying out.