How Much Water Should I Give My Plant?

Water is one of the 5 essential requirements for plant growth. Good ‘ole H2O is the main component and instigator of healthy plant growth. Though it is considered the most elementary part of plant care the work it does is far more complicated than simply quenching the plants’ thirst.

Water is essential in keeping the plant turgid (stiff). It also plays a key role the photosynthesis process. It is also responsible for transporting nutrients throughout the body of the plant.

A consistent moisture level is very important to plant growth because the plants’ roots will absorb the moisture out of the soil. The “professional” term for a consistent moisture level is medium moist. Medium moist is essentially a presences of 50% water and 50% air in the airspace of the soil. (The airspace is accounted for by the amount of spaces that exists between the different soil particles). This 50/50 split is the ideal relationship for the roots to do their work.

It is necessary to have air present around the roots because roots need the presence of oxygen around them in order to function in the uptake of the water present in the soil. Too much water fills up all the airspace with moisture and there is little room for air. This situation is what causes root rot and almost always leads to the death of the plant.

On the other hand if the soil is allowed to dry out too much the very small roots, known as the hair roots will desiccate (dry up and disintegrate). The hair roots are the part of the root system that actually do the job of taking up the water. Their health is critical to optimum plant health. When they do desiccate it does tremendous damage to the plant which shows up in the leaves as brown spots, burning along the edges of the leaves and leaves turning completely yellow and falling off.

Proper watering is very difficult for the average and busy homeowner and inconsistency in the watering is the leading cause of plant deaths in the home environment. Thus the reason why we believe so much in the usefulness and effectiveness of a LushPot.