Caring for Crotons

No foliage plant can rival the Croton in attractiveness. It’s large, leathery leaves of many different colors are absolutely beautiful. However; it is necessary to provide the proper environmental conditions for this plant to do well.

Croton Light Needs

Crotons like high levels of light for at least four hours per day. The higher the intensity or longevity of light available to the plant the more intense the leaf coloring will be. However; under lower light they still maintain enough color in their leaves to be highly attractive.

The Moisture Needs for Crotons

Crotons do excellent, as do most all plants in a LushPot, but there are certain plants that need more than others the consistent moisture level that LushPots provide. Croton is one of these plants.

Beware of Pests On Crotons

There are several insects that are very common to crotons and whenever purchasing one of these plants you should closely inspect the plant for the presence of spider mites and mealy bug.